Roxana Bulatova Illustrator

Roxana Bulatova is a happy mom of our youngest, artist Amelie. Drawing has always been an important part of Roxana's life. As a child, she used to carry a small handbag full of colored chalk pencils. She would spend all day long in her room drawing and embodying her imagination on paper. Since then, she has gotten lots of satisfaction every time she draws. Having a bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as being a mother of two children, she tries to combine her communication skills with illustration methods. She works on a project “My kid's fantasy” that represents illustrations created in collaboration with her 4 old daughter - Amelie. The project features a character created by a child’s imagination and was realized in Roxana's drawings. This project became a revelation for her. It taught her that children’s imaginations have no borders and children are the most appreciative and attentive audience. Presently, Roxana is studying Illustration and Design at Dawson College in Montreal.