"Yoga with Olo the Cat and master Cobra"
Authors: Mira Reiss
Illustrations: Nicole Arnaud, Mira Reiss
40 pages, paperback,
ISBN: 978-0-987915-80-1
Olo the Cat wants to learn yoga. His teacher is the best Master of Yoga, Master Cobra. Master Cobra introduces to Olo the first level of Hatha Yoga technics with simple but powerful poses. Each pose represents some animals or other interesting creatures. Even though Olo wants really to learn Yoga, sometimes he is cheating and takes shortcuts. Will Olo learn yoga and become great Yogi?...;pageID=7052583786786907148;onPublishedMenu=pages;onClosedMenu=pages;postNum=0;src=pagename"Niki's Spooky Ha, Halloween"
Authors: Nicole Arnaud, Mira Reiss
Illustrations: Mira Reiss, cover: Angeliki Gketsou
e-Book, $4.99
This short funny story is about little girl Niki who's dreaming about Halloween eve. In her dream she meets her best friend, little monster who got sick just before Halloween eve. Niki will try to help him get better so both will be ready to do trick or treat on this Halloween eve. Let see how she will manage to do it!

The Legend of Lao Tzu and The Big Tao Book"  Coming Soon! 
Authors: Nathalie Arnaud, Soëla Bandaly, Vicky Lacroix 
Illustrations: Nathalie Arnaud, Mira Reiss
Lao Tzu, the great master, philosopher, did he really exist? What was his life like and how did it happen that he wrote one of the most known philosophical books in the world. "The Legend of Lao Tzu and the Big Tao Book" came from Nathalie Arnaud, Vicky Lacroix, Soëla Bandaly, 17 year old students from high school. The young authors wrote a simple short text...