AUTHORS & illustrators

Nicole Arnaud
Young Artist

Nicole is a co-illustrator for “Olo the Cat and Master Cobra”. She was born in Montreal...
Nathalie Arnaud
Young Artist

Nathalie was born in Montreal in 1993. Together with her two friends...
Young Artist

Amelie is our youngest artist. She is only 4 year old and she is a very joyful little girl. She loves to play with her brother Arthur and other friends. But most of all, she likes to draw with her mom. She has rich imagination and always glad to share it.
Angeliki Gketsou

Angeliki loves pencils, pens, brushes and anything that...
Soëla Bandaly
Young Artist

Soela is a co-writer of the book “The legend of Lao Tzu and the Big Tao Book”. She is a friend of Nathalie and Vicky, with whom she studied at Champlain College. She lives in the Montreal area with her family. She studies at McGill University.
Roxana Bulatova 
Young Artist
Drawing has always been an important part of Roxana's life.
Valya Brounova 
Valya was born in Russia, Moscow. She came to Canada in 1997...
Vicky Lacroix 
Young Artist
Vicky, together with Nathalie and Soëla is a co-writer of the book “The legend of Lao Tzu and the Big Tao Book”. She lives in the Montreal area.
Marie Lefebvre
Marie has a bachelor degree in graphic design and illustration...
Mira Reiss
Author & Illustrator
Mira, author of “Yoga with Olo the cat and master Cobra” first studied architecture...
 Sofia Vedechkina
Young Artist
Sofia was born in Toronto in 1997. She came to Quebec...