Young Artists Publishing (YAP) began with the genius story of a 6 year old girl, Nicole Arnaud, about a Halloween Monster.  As every little child, Niki created her story in a blink of an eye and even drew a wonderful scary looking monster's illustration. Printed at home on demand by  friends, her story entitled "Niki's spooky Ha, Halloween stories“   was largely appreciated not only by children but also by teachers. Some friends encouraged her to publish her book. Meanwhile, the ideas of new stories were coming from other friends and children. Some were inspired by simple drawings or sketches, others were inspired by events or storytelling.

Another time, a manuscript for a children's picture book came from Nathalie Arnaud, Vicky Lacroix and Soela Bandaly, 17 year old students from high school. The girls wrote a simple short text about Lao Tzu and his big Tao book. With a help of an illustrator, this 32 page book explains in a clear and simple manner how the Tao Big Book was created and completed.
All those events gave an idea to create a unique publishing home where children, adolescents and other talented artists, illustrators or writers could have a chance to present their manuscripts. In 2012, YAP published also its first e-Book on Smashwords platform.  Since our two books: "Yoga with Olo the Cat and Master Cobra" and "Niki's Spooky Ha, Halloween stories" are available at Barnes & Noble ,Sony, Kobo ,Diesel, Apple, Chapters Indigo and at FNAC. So, be an artist, remain a child and become YAP!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  
         by Pablo Picasso (Spanish Artist and Painter, 1881-1973).