Welcome to Young Artists Publishing

Young Artists Publishing (YAP) was founded by Mira Reiss, artist and illustrator and by  Valya Brounova, art lover. YAP is dedicated to inspire in children imagination and creativity, to encourage them to think, to see and to create like all great artists do. We are open to artists of all ages, but the strong participation of children and young artists in creation will be highly appreciated and will be given a priority of publishing. Our books are distinctive because they not only educate but also inspire the children to invent their own stories and to create illustrations for them. We aim for parents and teachers to encourage children to create, to paint, to draw or just to tell them all kinds of stories (funny, scary, fantastic and other) about love, respect and friendship. We hope that our beautifully illustrated books will inspire other children to create their own stories and illustrations.

We strongly encourage teachers to use our books in their classroom.Our team is open to young artists and to all artists who love children and who want to create funny and intelligent books for them.

Featuring "Yoga with Olo the Cat and Master Cobra"

Featuring our first short animated film "Lion Pose"
in cooperation with Insolent Candyfloss  


Animation:Rosa Lykiardopoulos
Sound Design: Dario Bove
Featuring the voices of Lucas Maynard as Olo the Cat
and Rosa Lykiardopoulos as Master Cobra
Launched in February 2014